Our First Apartment... ✔ Check!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I've been pretty sick and drousy the past two days, was applying my neck cream and i found a pea sized hard-ish thing under my chin centered of my jaw and first thing i thought was WTF DO I HAVE A TUMOR?! Googled and it seems to be just a swollen lymph node lol *roll eye at myself* Went to see the doc again today for anti biotics, and i pretty much slept the entire day thru today from all the drousy medication.

Anywaaaaaaaaay, i know i just blogged about Leon proposing and one thing i did not mention was that.. We also booked our apartment on the very same day!!!! Hahahah

So excited cos we're getting a 4rm with a balcony in the masterbed room! I don't want to get over-excited but isn't it so awesome, waking up with the soft wind blowing in and ruffling the light airy curtains and the waterway views and cheery flowers overflowing my ahem future balcony (i don't know.. maybe a row of star daises or something happy looking!)

Hahahah I'm such a dreamer. Leon and I already started a folder called home in our dropbox folder and we have our inspiration pics of what sort of flooring we want, kitchen, bedroom, toilets. hahahah last weekend leon and i were planning our kitchen placement. He's sooooo sweet awwww

Anyway we applied for the May 2012 BTO as a first-timer, got a number but wasn't super awesome, our queue number was like 523 or something, so we applied for the July BTO (Leon was super kanchiong and he rushed to apply online the second he received the email notification on the 31st July that the BTO has been release. Awwww) also as a first timer by the way, we weren't sure if we were gonna fall in the first timer category or 2nd timer but apparently not, phew!

I was kinda stressed out at that point of time cos, we calculated that the results for the July BTO would roughly be on the week of our May BTO our appointment date (Which was in August), we hoped to get a better queue number in the July BTO. Our calculations were not off cos we received the results on the 21st August which was just a day before our May BTO appointment!!

But for that 3 weeks waiting for the results, we were so worried that the results for July BTO would not be out before our appointment date for the May BTO and what if we get a less than ideal queue number for July BTO or hell! what if we don't get a number at all?!
Then we will miss out on our May BTO appointment  and worst case scenerio, no queue number for July BTO either. 0.0

So imagine howwwwwwww relieved and happy we were when we got our BTO queue number results on the 21st, and our number was 194!!! Waaaaay better than the May BTO YEEEEESSSS!

So very excited! Should be ready by end of 2015 - 2016!

And it's really cool that lots of people who got their apartment in our estate created a fb page for the particular estate and i posted up saying that we're ___ (our unit number) and this girl commented and told me she's gonna be our direct neighbour!! How amazing is that? I'm getting to know my neighbour 3 years in advance!! Hahahah

Hehehe, we spent our saturday checking out tiles (i know we're super kiasu but i like to know what my choices are!) cos we opted out of the OCS which includes flooring and doors, hhahaha we're gonna get our apartment with only cemented floors.. and no doors. hahahah But i'm so happy to be able to have my own choice and say on what floorings i want and not some standard designated tile that i hate and i can't wait for 2015!!!!

♡ Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Sponsored Review: Vanity Trove

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The other day I came home to find my very first Vanity Trove sitting on my bed, looking pretty in it's neat pretty box and waiting patiently to surprise me with the month's products!

Don't you like the idea of having a box of pretties waiting to surprise you every month? The unknown makes it pretty exciting isn't it? 

VanityTrove is Singapore's very own subscription service styled to bring beautiful surprises to ladies around the island (and more!)

Each VanityTrove is put together every month to include varying products for skincare, fragrances, body, haircare, makeup, and an occasional surprise, just for you. Discover the latest and trending products in your trove.

I was really surprised to see the full-sized products in my Vanity Trove, It's like exploring a treasure trove! Heh, Really happy that the producrs are all deluxe samples OR full sized products and NO tester sachets in there at all. 

I've receive other beauty subscription boxes previously which was full of product sachet.. which was preeeeeetty lame. Eeeeerrr I seriously don't care for sachets. *throws into the bin*

I've been trying out some of the full sized products like the Bourjois (HHAHA typo on my image sorry) i love love love to use it on my waterline! On the waterline, it doesn't smudge on my lower eyelid and give me panda eyes omg It's awesome! I would probably not have discovered this product if i haven't receive it in my Vanity Trove. *Thumbs up*

There's a Full-sized body cream targeted for people with spider veins too! Passed it to my mum cos she has lots of those! Mad impressed cos it's retailing at SaSa for $70+ if i'm not wrong?!

I was also asked for my skin type (combi/oily) and i receive my VMV cleanser + moisturizer delux samples specially targetted for combi skin! Awesome! Left these at the fiance's place so whenever i'm there i can use them! Love how personalized this lil Trove is.

Isn't it unbelievable to get this lil' treasure trove with different products to try out every month for only $25/month? I think the products in there is easily worth more than $25 already! 

Heh I'd love to be surprised by Vanity Trove every month! Imagine a bad day at work, get back home and you find this pretty lil amazing box of lovely products waiting for you to be discovered?

♡ Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Shoe shopping, finally!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Received my shoe order that i order from US a couple week back. 

Got a pair of glittery Oxford shoes- these are waaaay to cute to be true! Suede fringe wedge booties, leatherette booties (looks so rugged & totally hot) and a pair of Red Velvet/Metallic peep-toes.

Wearing my new suede fringe wedges booties!
Omg these booties are AW-MAXING! Mad comfy the inner soles are some soft suede.. or whatever that feels like heaven once i slipped them on. Worth every cent i spent on these.

Dyed my hair and darkened it cos my hair ends are looking pretty wispy and hay-like these days plus having lighter brown hair makes it 10x worst. ): 

Think it's too long and heavy since i haven't had such long hair since.. secondary 2?! hahaha short hair all the way yo. Time for a trim! Been hair masking hahaha, i look so silly everytime i do my hair mask, i'll apply thick thick layer or hair mask then wear a shower cap and go watch my US drama shows for like and hour or so then go wash the mask off. THUMBS UP! Whacking lots of hair serum too after darkening my hair and it's starting to look a weeeee bit better! ☆彡♪( ´▽`) 

♡ Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

BFF: Batter Fluffy Flaps

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The ahem, fiancé was a good boy and he went to church with me last week and after church we walked out to "hunt" for some good food to fill our growling tummies!

Target spotted:  BFF: Batter Fluffy Flaps

My church, St Hildas is located at Katong and a short few minutes walk around would be East Coast Road which is full of quaint little cafes and nom nom places waiting to be discovered! 

Actually walked by BFF: Batter Fluffy Flaps a couple times with my church mates, i have an endless craving for pancakes! Sweet and Savory are all welcomed! heh actually there's a teddy bear pancake which is meant for kids which caught my attention at first, so mad kawaii! Made me feel like a kiddo once again. Heh

Let's cozy up in that comfy corner with some comfort food. That poofy high wing chair.. I want one of those in my future home!

We ordered a savory and sweet pancake set each to share! Everything looked SO good, thank god i have him to make the choice for me if not i'll just be staring at the menu for 20mins and drooling over everything if not i'll probably order 3 sets of pancakes on my own lol.

The Portobella Mushroom + Tiger Prawn pancake (SGS$15.00) is crazy DELICIOUS! The juice from the mushroom and prawns with a lil' garlic soaked into the fluffy pancakes and I don't know what to say other than, i would come and have these pancakes week after week if i can! :D

The Banana Bonzana pancakes (SGS$12.00) is equally good! Grilled caramalized banana and walnuts (not a fan of walnuts thou, any kinda nuts really.) with a scoop of ice cream on the side it really completes my sugar cravings! 

We also ordered the Truffle fries (SGS$8.00), but it was kind of a no-no for both of us. Think they were a little stingy on the truffle oil? The taste of truffles is almost non-existent, Bummer, but it's okay the pancakes made up for it!

Hope you're having an awesome weekend! (:

♡ Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

◤ BFF: Batter Fluffy Flaps
89 East Coast Road
Contact:  6440 7071 

Opening Hours
Mon - Thurs:                      11am to 10pm
Fri:                                        11am to 11pm
Sat:                                         9am to 11pm
Sun:                                        9am to 10pm
Kitchen closes 30mins before closing.

The Proposal: Well, Part 01 of it as according to ahem.. my fiancé.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hello. ok i'm just gonna say this now! I said YES last night. 

He brought me to 1-Altitude for a romantic fancy dinner at the amazing 62nd floor Stellar. Truly aw-mazing and breathetaking night view of Singapore.

Came back from the ladies and found my champagne glass refilled! At that point i didn't even know my engagement ring was in there! :/
I'm naturally quite blur and blind really. Hahahha I'm the type who would miss a huge building that's right in front of me.

When i asked why was my glass refilled, he panicked and thought i saw the ring, 
hahahah silly baby!

And then he kneeled down and pop the most important question.

 And the rest is history.
Heheheh, i still can't stop giggling while looking at him and the ring and thinking omg this goofy dude is now my fiancé!!! Getting engaged after being together for 8 years, we were together since i was 14 and he was 18! This is.. really huge and a GIANT step forward hahaha this year is HUGE for us.

He's really sweet and "traditional" really, afew months back he has already asked my parents out for a fancy dinner, and asked my parents officially for my hand. Awwww i know that alot of guys don't do things this way anymore.. he was stuttering and having his tongue all twisted and fyi, for him being nervous is almost unheard of. I was so touched and i'll always remember that moment.

Hahahah he actually planned out 3 other freaking epic proposals but all of them didn't work.

Proposal #01 :   
He initially planned to propose to me at Wang Lee Hom's concert in Singapore (WTS?!) Fyi, if you don't know, he's the back up vocalist for Wang Lee Hom's Music Man Concert Tour now! BUT that time, at the last minute Jann Paul notified him and said that my ring was not ready, they have to send back japan or whatever to do some changes.
Proposal #01 - FAIL!!!

Proposal #02:  
That day i saw xiaxue's instagram that her friend proposed there and i told him about it, then he was like: "NBBBB i wanted to propose to you there!!! Switch is my turf leh!!!! " (He sings at switch every Tuesday/Friday when he's not on tour with Wang Leehom) then he was like "OMG I hate xiaxue to death!!!" hahahah :x
Proposal #02 - FAIL!!!

Proposal #03:  

Leon ask me to search for dozo's number on his phone, then i thought he ask me to google it, then i use his safari then i saw the search "rilakkuma mascot singapore"
hahahahahahahaha!!! I obviously didn't think so much then i was like "OMG YOU WANNA COME SURPRISE ME IN RILA AH!!!" then his face stun and super stun stun stun until he looks like he's having cramps in his face!
hahahah he wanted to propose to me in rila mascot hahahaha bei wo cai chuan le -.-
Proposal #03 - FAIL!!!

Ahem according to him.. this is only Part 01 of the proposal. Hahahahha well we'll see what's in store for me then? I'm curious. What's gonna happen in Part 02 of a proposal? Is there even such a thing? Hahahha totally unheard of. (: Love you baby!

Can't. Stop. Admiring. My. Gorgeous. Ring!!!! It's so sparkly and just too perfect.

Isn't the ♡ the most adorable thing EVER? My ahem.. fiancé (I'm gonna need some time to get used to it!) designed it by the way. 

He drew this rough sketch of the ring and got it customized at Jann Paul.
JP Super Ideal Cut - Perfect Hearts and Arrows” diamond, is indeed perfect!

Ninja wondering what the huge fuss is about and manja kitty wants some loooooove too. He's getting super adorable these day, not so anti-social anymore, he even follows me around the house quite abit nowadays! Awwww feels so loved! Heheh

♡ The Luckiest Chick.

Recipe: Best Rolled Sugar Cookie EVER.

Monday, October 08, 2012

Boyfriend has been feeling a little down cos he had his first gout attack. The doctors refers it to the "Rich Man Illness" :x 

Basically patients with gout cannot take food with too much puric acid and most proteins like meat etc has puric acids, so there's like a whole list of foodie items that he has to cut down on from now. Awww jokingly told him that since he has the rich man illness and has to go for the poor man's diet from now, then he can save more money and feed me more good food! Haahahaha I'm terrible. :/

Made hia favorite Rolled Sugar Cookie, hopefully to cheer my baby up! Had lots of fun "stamping" my cookies the entire sunday afternoon.

Sugaring ya' up babies!

Don't they look awesome? It's everyone's favorite Rolled Sugar Cookies. Even my mummy is a fan of these. She was like "Mmmmm these are the best!" when she saw me baking it today.

I've lost count of how many times i've used this recipe, these cookies always turn out fluffy, the lemon zest gives these sugar cookies an edge and it's just sooooo good.

Rolled Sugar Cookies

160g Butter
70g Icing Sugar

1 Egg Yolk
1/4 Tsp Vanilla Essence
Zest of 1 Lemon, finely grated

260g Flour
1 Tsp baking powder

Some Course Sugar

Mix (A) till well blended. Then add om (B) and cream lightly till smooth.
Add in sieved (C) and mix till well blended
Refrigerate for 60 minutes. 
After 60 minutes take out some of the dough and roll it out with a rolling pin, and here's the fun part, stamp those cookie cutter away!
Spray/brush some water on the surface of the cookie and sprinkle course sugar all over.
Bake at 175 Degree C for 20 minutes or till golden brown.


Spent most of my saturday evening at Meidi-ya supermarket trying to shop for some of his favorite yummy jappy snacks to cheer boyfriend up too!

Hahahah isn't this the cutest? Went to buy these because I read online that apple cider vinegar is good for gout, and it reduces gout attacks. I personally take Apple cider vinegar from time to time too so i know for sure that boyfriend wouldn't like the taste of it on it's own. 

Bought some organic aussie honey and swapped out the label with this DIY vintage looking label that says "Genuine Miracle Elixir"! Hehehe so lawaii! The label attached to the apple cider vinegar is the "Miracle Elixir" recipe - Iced Honey Apple Cider Vinegar! Heh yums!

Packed some cookies for my colleagues to surprise them tomorrow! Bon Appetit!

♡ Loves, The Luckiest Chick.

Hello weekend, goodbye weekend!

Sunday, October 07, 2012

The boyfriend is overseas for his WLH backup vocalist gigs, so it's a me-time weekend!
Heh, my weekend started on Friday night after work, drove over to Far East Plaza to Milly's to get some mani & pedi pampering! 

So ashamed to say but i havent done my nails in MONTHS ( no kidding ) and my nails were looking terrible.

Getting pampered and feeling like royalty, don't you love these plushy chairs at Milly's?

Got my Gellish kitty nails done by Chloe, omg Chloe is my favorite manicurist ever! So so so adorable! Kitty is not a nail sticker btw! handdrawn by Chloe. Hahahah i feel like i have the weirdest request for Chloe but she's really the best. Previously i request for her to do a polka dot + teddy bear design hahaha. Super cute but i can't find the pics for that. ):

If i'm not wrong they are having a promotion for gellish nails for only $20, the usual price is $40!

Anyway if you would like to make an appointment at Milly's
Far East Plaza, #03-129 : 6737 6723
Bugis Village, Level 2 : 6338 4137

Last month I went on a 2D2N weekend diving trip with Melle to Malaysia, Pulau Dayang! 
It's really faaaaar thou, on friday evening right after work, rushed to Gill Diver at Hong Kong Street to meet everyone to take the coach to Malaysia Mersing, reached mersing at about 10pm perhaps? Then we took a ferry to Dayang and reach Dayang at 3-4 AM?!

I was sleeping almost all the way since i was so tired from lack of sleep for the entire week anyway. Ferry was FREEZING, haha wore hoodie + long yoga pants and i was still curled up in a ball. Errrr, maybe i gotta bring like two hoodies next time? Hahah

The accomodation at Dayang definitely is pretty... shit. hahaha hostel style accomodation, melle & I upgraded from a quad sharing to twin sharing and we were expecting to have an ensuite room at least, but nope. Imagine sandy stinky toilets. Ugh. So we decided to shower... outdoors in our bikinis.

It feels kind of liberating - showering outdoors like that, but it's SO nice to smell good and feel clean! We don't even care who's looking as long as i don't have to shower in the eeeky toilets.

Explored breathtaking dives site swam with huge rainbow colored parrot fish and schools of fishes that shimmered like a sheet of sequins catching the sun's ray. We had a drift dive and IT WAS AW-MAZING! We had two dive masters for our leisure dive this time round so we felt super safe and well taken care of! Can't wait for my next diving trip, perhaps to Boracay or Bali?

Back to reality, taken on monday morning while driving to work, my weekend diving getaway ended waaaaay too fast. Throat felt really dry from the compresses oxygen during dives but other than that and my sunburnt lips I'm feeling awesomeeeee!

Awesome Saturday practically all we did was Eat. Sleep. Dive. at dayang. Hahaha I wanna be back there sitting by the edge of the water and let the warm sparkly turquoise waters tickle my sandy feet. It's so amazing how just getting out of singapore and diving in such beautiful clear waters takes all the stress off.

So yesterday I was invited to  to do a media review on their Luminous Detox Energie Care Treatment at Glomax at The Central, enjoyed the facial so the facial therapist there are so nice! Very professional and gave me lots of important tips. Oh i bumped into a very pretty reader who happened to be getting her facial done there too! Heh if you're reading this, nice meeting ya!

GLOMAX Aesthetics - The Face Artistry
12 Eu Tong Sen Street. The Central, Soho 2. #06-168 Singapore 059819
W: T: (65) 6225-5193

So after my treatment i was thinking since i was just opposite Gill Divers, might as well drop by to look see look see! ... and i bought my very first diving mask!

Heh say hello to my pretty Gull COCO mask. Omg love the Clear Hot Pink X Metallic Pink Frame!
Apparently Gull is a japanese brand and it's a better fit for asians who has narrower faces and more low volume as compared to American brands like Mares etc.

Btw it comes with mitchy matchy pretty colors for their fins too! Very tempted to get it too but i wanna get my wetsuit jacket first. heh spending money.. oh yeah spending monnnnney $$

Got the Gull Reversible Hot Pink X Baby Pink Mask strap too. Total damage: $107
But it's so worth it! We usually rent our equipments, mask included and usually the best way to defog your mask.. is the spit into it and rub it all over the mask lenses. :/

And if 10000 people rented the mask before you, it kinda means that 10000 spit in it before? Ugh.

Ahhhh! Gull COCO baby you're so pretty!!! Heheh Can't wait for my next dive trip to use you. My colleague ray is taking his open water course in phuket next month, one more diving khaki oh yeaaaaah! I'm forever on a lookout for more divebuddies. 

So if you dive, adopt me as your dive buddy too! Hahahaha, drop me an email/comment or whatever. :D

Woke up this morning and my rain lilies are finally blooming after I don't know how many months! Errr although it's only one baby bloom.. But I'm still happy! (:

Oh on a totally random note, i made Mentaiko Pasta with prawns linguine for lunch! mmmm nom nom nom. So excited that Fringe Season 5 & How I Met You Mother Season 8 is back! I heard from leon that it's the final season for both series is that true?! Omg i'm going to die, what am i gonna watch from now on?!

♡ Loves, The Luckiest Chick.